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Dr. Jazz brings a wide variety of musical influences into its basic groove of funky, contemporary New Orleans street music, including rhythm and blues, swing, latin, dixie, pop and reggae. The group has a 20-year history of being one of the busiest and hottest small bands in Ottawa, eastern Ontario and western Quebec. We have performed for jazz and blues festivals, conventions, corporate promotions, special events, dances, private parties, weddings and parades. We have been very active on the club scene.

Dr. Jazz is led by reedman Dave Renaud, who plays clarinet, saxophones, flute and bass clarinet. The quartet also features Art Katona on trombone, Paul Cheatley on banjo and guitar, and Bob Langley on sousaphone and string bass. We all have many years experience playing in the idiom, and we love to entertain people.

The band has an exciting combination of sounds and does lots of vocals. We have developed a more contemporary groove than most traditional bands. Audiences of all ages find the music infectious and danceable. Clients are impressed by the band’s flexibility and diversity in numerous live music settings. Dr. Jazz is basically an acoustic band (no electronic instruments) that can perform on stage or be mobile, indoors or out.

For all that ails your spirit,
catch a dose of DR JAZZ.




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