I thank the following people for sharing their love and dedication of their craft.

      The late James Morton of the NAC orchestra , and Kimball Sykes, current principle clarinetist of the NAC .               Peter Smith for his direction.

      David Morgan for helping me get started in Piano Technology, for sharing so openly.

      Jack Stebbins of the North Bennet street school in Boston  for his passion as a CTE and mentor.

     John Liddle for sharing his passion for music, and musical ethic.

     David Currie of the Ottawa U and Ottawa Symphony for teaching the music in the music.       

     All my friends in the PTG that have been there to listen and help.

     My wife Manon for her support, through such a crazy schedule for so many years.

To every musician I have worked with that has pushed me. To every technician that has shared their love for the work. You all have made the journey rich. Life is an opportunity to explore, to grow, to discover, to pass it on. There remains so much more, so seize the day. My life has seen such musical diversity, born of a desire to enjoy it all.  Your vision has not been lost.