Our business is about commitment to excellence. Dedication to the art of creating music. Dedication to the craft of piano technology. We always strive to give our clients tremendous value for their money. Click here for my bio and here for a list of acknowledgments of the gifted musicians and technicians that have shared their knowledge and love of music. These 3 decades of making music and repairing instruments owes its foundation to these gifted people.   

  Registered Piano Technician of the Piano Technicians Guild, providing concert quality tuning, regulation, voicing, and rebuilding. Large client base of homes, music teachers, musicians, concert halls, churches,& recording studio. 25 years experience. To qualify as a Registered Piano Technician requires  passing a series of three rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair and tuning of pianos. 

Starlighter Swing Band
Dance to Swing, Latin, & Ballroom. 4 to 12 piece.
Hundreds of classic arrangements from the Big Band Era. 
Solo Pianist, Duos, and trios classical or lounge for all types of functions. 

Clarinets, Saxophones, coaching       

Studio facility equipped with Steinway grand piano, midi, and digital audio recording. 


I do pit work for shows, doubling clarinet, bass clarinet, saxes, flutes, & recorders. I began with the Armed Forces, doing the CG Band(1981-82)  daily parades on parliament hill. My 7 piece band worked a ballroom 81-86. Since I've performed lounges, festival, banquets, chamber music, orchestral clarinet and saxophone, klezmer, New Orleans,& Studio. My wife and I are working on our second Children's album for distribution in Quebec and Europe. The DR JAZZ band is very busy. We  have several chamber music projects on the go. Piano tuning and rebuilding clientele keeps days busy.