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Piano Shop Pics 


New shanks into new hammers



Scott extracts an upright pinblock = gluing  a new upright pinblock



Polishing a V bar under the plate. 



 Removing rotten pinblock blackened from pin dope. An unusually thin block of 1 1/4" (We took a 1.5" block down with an electric planner). It has a shelf, thus 2 flanges to fit, and a nice Steinway style notch. The top webbing  required much fitting as the plate flange was curved making contact only at the ends. The 1894 original had warped upwards delaminating in the middle from this stress. Thus the failure,& many pin treatments over the years.                                        









 Block out -- we built a shelf out of the mortised rim creating a butt joint so we could dowel and epoxy the newly fit block to the old rim.

1)Rough cut of new block and 2) chisel off dowels after final fit




New string, pins, braid

Finished stringing.


 New dampers finished, installed, and regulated.

Old hammers require replacement.


Replacing pedal leather.


Key frame.

New front rail key bushings.

New balance rail key bushings.

Making replacement for a broken sostenuto  guide.






And on the lighter side of piano business


In my entire life I have never dropped a note.

And I never will in my entire life.

Nor will I until the bitter end............


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