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    Fees for an engagement will vary with length of performance and if sound system is required. The total fee is calculated at $50 per hour per musician plus a $75 administration fee. A sound system setup is $100. Variations on the number of musicians is possible as function changes during an evening. For example, it is possible to begin with a a duo for reception or wedding, adding more musicians for dinner, and adding the drummer for dancing. 

Examples              Acoustic DR JAZZ quartet for 2 hours :      ($50 * 2hrs* 4M)+$75=$475. 

                              Acoustic DR JAZZ quartet for 3 hours:       ($50 * 3hrs* 4M)+$50=$675. 

                              Acoustic trio for 2 hours                               ($50*2hrs*3M)+50= $375

                              Acoustic trio for 3 hours                              ($50*3hrs*3M)+$50= $525

12 piece Starlighter Swing big band with sound for 3 hours would be:     ($50*3hrs*12m)+75+100sound=$1975

 Please e-mail the date, location, exact hours, and description of your event.     Drjazzca@yahoo.ca        

     We are familiar with most rooms in Ottawa and can advise regarding sound considerations.  Knowing the number of people will assist us in judging if acoustic or utilizing a small or medium size sound system is advisable. We provide our own sound system.  The more details you give us the better we can anticipate how to serve you best. Let us know if you want the group to be mobile or stationary, background music or stage show, dance or dinner music, or a combination of these throughout the evening.

                                                                                Thank You   

                                                                                     David Renaud

                                                                                       DR JAZZ BAND                                                              


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